Saturday, August 15, 2009

Israel's birthday

Today is Israel's 6th birthday. We started it last night with his birthday party. The kids had a great time giggling while trying to blow up the balloons.

He had a few friends over and we had a treasure hunt to find the pinata (which I made) and then broke the pinata. We had a few problems with Israel being overly excited and he got to the pinata before we were ready so I had to put it back together as best I could.

The kids had pizza, chips, and fruit for dinner with some juice and we turned on the old transformer series to watch while they ate. Then we had cake and ice cream. Israel told me he wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and M 'n Ms on top and chocolate ice cream. Definantly my kid. My friend Verna offered to make the cake and in less than 24 hrs she came up with this:
Isn't it perfect? Israel was so excited and loved it! When Israel opened his gifts he was very excited to see that had got guns. Four water guns that become one from one friend and a really fancy Nerf gun with a laser from my mother in law. He loves them! And so did the other boys that came. Unfortunately, the extra bullets my MIL sent to go with the gun are not the right ones, but don't worry. Luci found a great way of playing with them.

Some of the boys were not old enough to spend the night so we only had a couple spend the night (which was fine by me). Ben made the mistake of turning on Narnia for the kids at around 10 pm so they were up until around 1 am. Then they were up by 7am this morning and guess who was up with them last night as well as this morning. Me! When I got up with the kids I made cinnamon rolls as Israel had asked me to do. Then we had Israel open his gift from us. We got him a bike and a bell to go on the bike but we only wrapped the bell. I had the bike waiting outside. He opened the bell and I told him he had to do it outside. He was happy with the bell, but kinda disappointed you could see. Then he went outside and saw the bike. He loved it! Israel isn't the type to show much emotion. His excitement is more of a quiet excitement, but we could tell he was excited. He just kept thanking me for getting it and rode for quite a while. When I have a chance I will try to upload the video cause of course we had to get it on video.

As for the rest of the day, I am still waiting for the other kids to go home, then who knows what. Ben is taking a nap and has tons of Army stuff to do today but I am hoping we can get atleast a little family time today. We will see.