Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa Letters

I thought I would show you all the letters the kids wrote to Santa. We like to have them write the letters so we know what they want and for fun. The rest of the season we concentrate on what others want and the true meaning of Christmas. The first is Eden's. She did it all on her own. Next comes Israel's letter. He did the opening and closing and I wrote what he told me to.
I wrote Celestial's for her as much word for word as I could and she drew the pictures. Luci is still too small to do one.

Also, as an update on the babies, each ultrasound has said something different about the genders so we really have no idea what they will be. The doctor says he will be shocked if I even make it to 36 weeks so they will most likely come by March if no earlier. I will be starting bedrest in 5-6 weeks and will get steroid shots in 8 weeks to help their lungs mature. I will try to update more as we go along. Merry Christmas everyone!