Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crazy week this week

It was a very stressful, crazy week but fun at the same time. On Thursday we went to Fort Benning. They were having a HUGE celebration for 3ID for their homecoming now that the guys are all home. It was so much fun! There was free everything. Free food (hot dogs, bbq, pizza, ice cream, Popsicles, etc), a ton of free bounce houses for the kids and even some for adults, bungee jumping things, football game (CSU against 3ID), prize drawings, crafts, face painting, even Old Navy was giving out free shirts. We really enjoyed our time there as a family and didn't make it through any where near all the stuff before the night was up. (The digi camera I used there is missing so pics will come later.)

Friday afternoon we went to the girls Girl Scouts Halloween party. Our family did a jungle theme so all the kids were jungle animals. They got to dress up and while we were getting ready Luci got into the halloween makeup and was covered. It was actually pretty cute but that is what is on her face in the pics.

Friday night we carved pumpkins. The kids drew the faces and we cut them out how they wanted them.

Saturday we went to our church Halloween party. We had a chili cookoff and stories for the kids. We then did trunk or treat in the parking lot and headed home. Saturday night we did the usual trick or treating in the neighborhood.

It was a good thing we headed out when we did cause even tho I had bought 5 bags of candy, we were out before we even left.

We get a HUGE amount of kids here. Never had many at any other place we have lived.

And for those of you from Alabama you will understand what I mean when I didn't think about it when I put Luci in an elephant costume. It seemed every house we went and on the street people would yell "Roll Tide!" But the kids had fun and actually all went to bed pretty easily considering (other than Cumorah of course lol). Hope you all had a great Halloween too.