Sunday, June 21, 2009

Me, held up at gun point?

So this is what happened on Friday night/Saturday morning. We had a friend text us and it was really weird. Ben called him to find out what was going on and he was on pain pills and drinking. His wife has been cheating on him in the past and has been doing some shall we say rebellious stuff now that makes him wonder if she is again so he was really upset. He took off in the car and she joined but he wouldn't let her drive. So he was drunk, on pain pills, driving angry, and texting all at the same time. Not a good combination. He stopped by our house and we were not going to let him go. Then we found out he had a loaded, cocked gun in the car. We made his wife get out and stay with us and he took off. We were scared to death he was going to kill someone so we called the police but just was it was going through, the phone died.

Just then she said he texted her he was coming back to get her. When he pulled in we again were trying to get him to give her the keys but he refused and I grabbed her arm as she was getting in the car and refused to let her get in. I was leaning in his window talking to him just as the police pulled up suddenly (we had no idea the call had gone through) and since they didn't know what was going on cause of the phone dieing, they had come flying into the yard, jumped out of the cars, and pointed the guns as us yelling "get away from the car lady"! I backed right up and they immediately got our buddy out of the car and cuffed him.

Long story short, he just passed the breathalizer so they couldn't arrest him but knew that cause of the pain pills he wasn't where he should be driving. They found the gun and lucky for him, since the caught him pulling out of the driveway but still in the yard, they couldn't do anything. Had they been one minute later and caught him in the road, he would have been in a HUGE amount of trouble for carrying a loaded, cocked gun in the car without a permit and drinking would have added to it.

So they had us keep the gun until the next day and had his wife drive home. Didn't do much good as he took the keys when they got home, but she wasn't in there. As soon as they left, he tried to get us to give him the gun but we refused. He is so mad and refuses to speak to us ever again but we did what we felt was right. Could you imagine how mad he would be if we had let him go and he had killed his wife or some other innocent person? Anyway, that was in the middle of the night and Ben had to work the next night so he didn't get much sleep at all but says he would do it all over again. I just wish our buddy could understand we were trying to take care of him. You should NEVER drive even angry. Certainly not angry, drunk, on pain pills, and texting all at the same time. Please people, be smart. Even when you don't care about yourself or your family, there are those of us that do and you will only make it all worse if you end up hurting or killing someone else.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My sweet boy

It is just ripping out my heart to see my little Israel. I am not sure how much is chemical, and how much is because daddy is not around much, but he is in a deep depression. He is 5 and already is having depression like an adult. He cries all the time. He wouldn't eat a thing all day today. He just has this sad look on his face and won't even go out to play. He sleeps 15+ hours at night and is starting naps again. He sleeps with me every night with his arms around me and his head on my shoulder and freaks if I even move. I was falling off the bed last night and didn't dare move.

It is just breaking my heart and I know it is going to get much worse when Ben is actually in Iraq and gone completely. How am I supposed to help him? I can't just sit back and watch. Sometimes I just hold him and want to cry feeling so helpless as to how to help him. I wish the politicians in charge of all this war stuff could see what they are doing to the helpless, innocent children. It's really tearing me to pieces.