Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our strange, warped children

So we already knew that my children are a little different. After all, that is what happens when two people like us get together. Anyway, the reason for our latest "ok my kids are really strange" incident was today. It started with Eden. We tried to give her her alowance and she decided she didn't want any money. Instead, she wanted to do more chores. Her favorite is the kitchen and she spent all day working on it and got upset when we made her stop. She also cleaned the office, living room, and dining room yet still refused her allowance.

The second came from Celestial. She didn't want to go to bed as is typical but Luci was already asleep so she asked us, "where can I cry cause I don't want to wake up Luci". She just wanted us to tell her where she could go to throw a fit so Luci wouldn't wake up. What three year old cares about waking someone when they want to throw a fit. Then, she looked at Ben and talking about me said, "she is awfully serious". What three year old says that?! Anyway, I could go on but I think you all get the point, my kids are strange!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Homeschool Friday

One of the great things about homeschooling is that it can be so laid back. That works out great for our family cause we can get overwhelmed pretty easily. Today was one of those days. There is so much to do around here and people kept calling and it was turning into one of those days for all of us. The kids were on edge and it wouldn't be a very productive day if we stuck to our "typical" schedule. So, instead we worked on some chores and then took some letters out of a banana game we have (similar to scrabble) and let the kids see how many words they could make with the letters. I read to the kids and we just took it from there.

I love being able to take ques from my kids and teach according to what they need and not what some stranger thinks my kids should be learning and how. My kids have always enjoyed more of the hands on stuff rather than book learning the way most public schools teach. I also have been able to learn so much through schooling my kids and we are so much closer than we would be if I sent them off every day to come home just in time for dinner and bed. I can't imagine letting society raise my children instead of me. The world is so much worse than it was when I was a child and it was bad enough then. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying homeschooling is for everyone. For some families, public or private school works fine. Some people think I am crazy, but I am just doin' what I think is best for my family as I am sure they are doing for theirs. I wouldn't have it any other way.