Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Georgia aquarium

On Monday, we headed to Atlanta to take the kids to the Georgia Aquarium. It is actually the worlds largest. We really enjoyed it. When we first went in, we got to see jelly fish. Israel loves Jelly fish! They even had tanks with a black light in them.

After the jelly fish, we went to a huge tank that had just about everything. The feed the sharks and whales to the point of being stuffed so they won't eat the fish and then put everything in together. I think that is probably the area where we stayed the longest. We just watched all the different animals. Israel has always loved water animals and they had all his favorites like the hammerhead shark, sword fish, whale shark, sting ray, and many more. Even Luci was loving it. All the kids were jumping up and down and shreaking. The other people got quite the kick out of the kids and all the kids knew about them. Israel has this little pad that has pictures of water animals and you push one and it tells you all about it. It has games and quizes and stuff and the kids love to play with it and then tell me all they learned. It was great for them to be able to see these animals they love so much. They kept pointing to all the animals and telling me what they were a million times over. We would hear people behind us chuckling as they heard them.

After we left that tank, the others went a bit quicker. We were able to see Baluga Whales (which Israel said he wished he was one), Otters, and were able to tough Anenomes, sting ray (they clipped the stingers), small sharks, hammerhead fish, and some others I can't remember. The Anenome were actually so soft you could barely tell you were touching anything. It was so cool! One little boy next to me at one of the touch tanks said, "I am reaching my hand toward a shark. It just feels so wrong!" I got a laugh out of that one.

They also had a small play area for the kids which they loved. Even Luci got to play for a while and didn't want to leave. The kids were disappointed when we had to leave. All in all, it was a great day. I love being able to do this stuff!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Double Trouble

We have had an interesting weekend. Ben had Friday off cause the guys had been in the field most the week and had very little sleep. So on Friday, we had the new missionaries over for lunch. But here is the catch, one is a greenie straight out from the MTC. We knew this so we set something up with his companion. They tracted the neighborhood. It just so happened that before they got to us, they were chased by two big dogs. So their hearts were already pumping. They got to our house and knocked on the door. The kids were also in on this so they wouldn't spoil it.

Ben answered. He was wearing his Cav shirt and Veteran hat and a very long, sharp knife on his hip. They introduced themselves and the greenie proceeded on with the normal way they do things while tracting. I asked who was there and Ben said the Jehovah Witnesses. He corrected Ben. Then Ben kept asking who they were and why they were here. I acted all upset they were there. Finally, Ben took his knife out and proceeded to rub his face with it. At this point, the greenie started to back away as his comp was trying not to laugh. Ben invites them in and the greenie refuses. So Ben invited them again and the greenie backs away some more and refuses again. Then Ben reaches out to shake his comps hand and pulls him inside and shuts the door. Just as we did that, the senior comp says, "Oh-No" thinking that the poor kid would take off. The greenie hears the "Oh-No" and freaks. He came flying threw the door and saw us all there watching and smiling, some laughing and realizes what is going on. He looks at me and says, "You are the Frahs, aren't you?"

He was a great sport and kept laughing about it himself. He is a great kid. It also isn't the only thing this ward has put the poor guy through. He said he can't wait to write home about it lol.

Trouble number two happened shortly after Ben took the missionaries home. Eden turns 7 tomorrow so we set up a slumber party for her and some friends. Most said they couldn't make it so we weren't expecting many. Turned out more could make it than originally thought. I think we had nine or ten extra girls ranging in age from 6-8 years old. We had a ton of fun watching a movie, had a pinata (which Ben ran off with so the girls chased him down and attacked him), and cake and ice cream and gifts. These kids knew her well as she got exactly what she would have picked out for herself. Also, one of the girls gave her all the barbies she had cause she isn't interested in them anymore so the girls played with them for quite a while. Eventually, we tried to calm the girls down so Luci could sleep and any of the girls that were ready to. Unfortunately, one of the girls is really comfortable at our house and was mouthy. She, along with two other girls, did everything they could to keep the girls awake. I finally got them all asleep about 2:30.

At 3, Israel woke up screaming at the top of his lungs which woke up one of the girls' little sisters that was staying also (she is 4) and she woke up crying for her mom. I got the two back to sleep and Israel woke up screaming again. I got to him quick enough that he didn't wake the others. Celestial woke up a little later and she had had an accident so I had to change her (found out later another girl did too). Then, the girls were up at 6. I got up to make them pancakes and couldn't seem to do it quick enough. I finally got them all fed and they went off to play. Parents started to pick up around 11 or 12 with the last girl leaving at 6 (that was cleared with us ahead of time due to parents being out of town). It was really fun for the most part, but I was so tired. I would do it again though as I know the girls will all remember this, especially Eden. So a little trouble is worth it for lasting memories.