Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The twins are here!

Boy has it been a roller coaster ride around here. The Army kept changing Ben's leave date (we still don't know) so that was really stressing me out. Then Eden and Israel both started really acting out and stressing us all out. Then on Tuesday (March 23) Celestial snuck into the bathroom with Luci and some scissors. Forget those cute hair cuts they just had done. Luci has nothing much left and Celestial's is very short. I was so upset! I couldn't believe all their beautiful hair was gone. Next thing I knew, we were headed to the hospital with contractions that were a minute and a half apart. The doc came in and verified the twins were still both breech so I headed in for a c-section. I was terrified! I had heard so many terrible things. Turned out to not be that bad other than even less privacy than a VBAC. Didn't realize that was possible.

Anyway, we were not able to get ahold of Ben in time so he missed the whole thing. My MIL was able to watch on webcam with my mom with me. At 11:24 pm little Cumorah Elisabeth was born. They showed her to me and I realized she wasn't near as big as the U/S on Friday has said. There was about a lb difference. She was only 4lb 4oz and 16 3/4 in. They then rushed her off to the NICU and at 11:26 Elijah Benjamin was born. He was quite a lot bigger than Cumorah though he also was smaller than the U/S had estimated. Elijah was 5lb and 18 1/2 in. He was also shown to me and then rushed off to the NICU. They continued with stitching me up and I just about died when the doc said "You are about to feel some pressure as I put all your guts back in". Never heard a doc put it quite that way lol.

After the c-section I was sent to recovery. It was a couple of hours before I got to see the kids or even know how they were doing. Elijah was not doing well so I wasn't allowed to touch him. He was struggling to breath and you could hear him clear across the room even with oxygen on. Cumorah was doing better and I was able to touch her, but not to hold or feed either one. They really weren't doing as well as the doc and I thought they would at this far along, especially after having had the steroids weeks earlier. It was hard to see them with so many wires and tubes coming out of them.

It was still a very long time before I was able to hold or feed the babies. I am not sure what time it was but I know it was later the next day. When I was finally able to hold them, Cumorah decided she was done with the feeding tube and oxygen and pulled them out. They decided to allow her a chance and she did fine without. The lactation consultant was shocked with how well she breastfed. She went around telling people she learned not to judge a nursing baby by it's size. Elijah had a tougher time. Though he was a little better, he still was not doing well. I asked that they put them together and they said they would. I continued to come to the NICU to feed them every 2-3 hrs and it wasn't until the next day that they finally put them together. Once they finally did, Elijah started breathing and eating so much better! He would even cry when I took Cumorah out of the bed if I didn't take him too. It was so cute! So they finally took his tubes out too. Later on Cumorah also took her IV out twice before they left it and then she took Elijahs out. They put his back in and then he took it out. A glance of things to come?

Seems they are awake and hungry now so I will finish the story another day.