Friday, June 25, 2010

Yes it's been forever again

But I am trying to keep up somewhat. Things are just crazy as I am sure you all understand. The twins are three months old now and weigh just over 10 lbs. Elijah is sick for the first time but seems to be recovering and Cumorah has not caught it at this point. They both think they are older than what they are and are trying to be 5 or 6 months old with the things they do. I wanted them to slow down, not speed up lol.

Anyway, Luci is being very 2 but still tons of fun. She is totally obsessed with water right now. She just loves to play in it and pour it back and forth between things. Celestial is our social butterfly that must be playing with friends at all times or she gets cranky. She seems to prefer boys too. Wonder where she got that from...

Unfortunately, Israel's OCD is getting much worse. They are trying different things but sometimes nothing really helps. It totally consumes him at times. He also lost weight (I know, like he had any to loose) so Celestial weighs more even as tiny as she is. Weird things like that are going on so I am hoping they can get to the bottom of everything soon, especially since we will be heading home soon.

Eden is pretty well. Very oppositional at times but better than times in the past. She loves having the twins and says she is addicted. Ben is doing pretty well and will be headed home probably in September. He worries about us but things there are dead. He is enjoying teaching the Iraqis combatives though.

Well, babies are crying so I will try to update more later.