Friday, April 24, 2009

Another greeny missionary

So we found out we had another new missionary coming in this transfer so a friend of ours invited us over for a green dinner. We had green meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans. I brought green homemade rolls and we had a green drink in green cups. We also all wore green over there.

After dinner, Ben and the senior missionary went out to check the transmission fluid in my van and brought with them some food coloring and Karo syrup. Ben had the senior missionary slam the hood down and he let out a scream and the missionary grabbed the other missionary. When they got out there, Ben had his hand covered in a rag with the red Karo syrup so it looked like he lost his finger. At first the greeny was shocked and then was ready to start first aid, but in the process Ben ended up squirting him with the syrup and he realized it was fake.

Finally just as he was leaving, Ben and the senior companion gave him a drink. The lip of the cup had Ambesol on it. The greeny was a little suspicious but after Ben promised him a few times that he didn't put anything in the drink, he finally took a drink. He said it was good and then realized his lips were tingly.

So, it wasn't as good as the last time we had a greeny, but it was a fun night that I think they all enjoyed, including the greeny.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have always had a problem with people who are very opinionated about something, but don't do the research for it. Why try to convince me something if you have no idea what you are talking about? It has always been a pet-peeve of mine no matter what the subject.

Lately I have noticed a whole bunch of anti-homeschoolers that are that way. They do EVERYTHING they can to try to convince me to put my kids in public school and expect me to listen to them, but when I try to tell them why I choose to homeschool, they refuse to listen. Do you really expect me to take your advice when you refuse to listen to my side?

It has happened to me many times and yesterday, the kids psychiatrist did it. He insisted they needed to be in school so I could have a break and they could be socialized. Everytime I went to tell him about the socialization my kids get from co-op classes, extracurricular activities, etc he would interrupt me and refuse to listen. I never got to explain that they don't have recess and they don't know how to handle kids with ADHD and other "issues". I didn't get to explain that my kids are too advanced but would be held back for missing too much school or that I want my kids to spend time with their dad before he leaves on deployment or that the kids would make fun of Israel for still having to wear diapers (could you imagine what he would go through?). The list goes on and on but he wouldn't hear a word of it. Does he really expect me to just turn around and put the kids in school with all these concerns in my head without him listening to me? If you want me to listen to you, you may try listening to me too!

And please, if you are totally for or against something, anything, do your research FIRST. Before you try to bring others to your side of the argument.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He will be a wonderful daddy someday!

This morning as we headed to church, Luci got in the car with her cereal. Now, this is Ben's new car so he doesn't want food in there. So after she was buckled in her carseat, he took it away. That broke Luci's heart and she started crying. My sweet little Israel leaned over and put his forehead against hers and took his right hand (he was sitting to her right) and rubbed her little chubby cheeks. She melted right into him and calmed right down. He has always been so great with her. Even when she was first born there were times we could not calm her down but he had no problem. He really loves and takes care of his sisters. He really is going to be a great daddy someday.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A sweet video my cousin sent me.

Thanks for the video Brian.

These girls are 6, 7, and 8. Eden says they sound better than Hannah Montana and since she loves Hannah, that says a lot. Plus I always love hearing the National Anthem. Check it out.

Eden has a pretty good voice and so does her friend Samantha. I wonder if they could do something similar. Hmmm...