Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Perfect homeschool example

So we were doing our usual homeschool stuff today and we were talking about temperature for science. We had a thermometer and checked the temps inside, outside in the sun, in the shade, room temp water, ice water, and between the kids hands and had the kids guess the temp before we checked it. We then talked about what temperatures are used for. Then, I thought we were done. The kids immediately grabbed the thermometer and mixed the room temp water with the ice water to see what would happen. They were amazed. Then Israel asked for hot water to try it with. Then they wanted to try boiling water (had to use a candy thermometer). Then they took it outside to see if it had become warmer since we were out there. Israel even took a bath with it! They were so fascinated! Had they been in public school, when the subject was over, that would have been that. Now my kids were able to guide their own learning and learn so much more than I had planned and enjoyed themselves. What better example of homeschooling can there be?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Big freaking news!

What is that you ask? An ultrasound? Yep. A baby? Not exactly. Look close. It's three babies. That's right... TRIPLETS!

I went to the doc today and he wanted to pinpoint the due date so we did an ultrasound. I was not concerned about multiples. First we saw the twins and I was shocked. It was a little while before we found the third. I could not believe when he said there are three.

We are doing another ultrasound to make sure there aren't more than three and also to check on the third. He is a little concerned about the size. So we should know more in a week. I will be seen weekly until we know if I am going to carry all three. Prayers for that would be great.

As for what we are gonna do with seven kids and Ben in Iraq, I have no idea. We are just playing it day by day. We need a bigger van, a triple stroller, more carseats, etc. It is going to be interesting for sure.