Friday, July 8, 2016

Bumped heads

I got home from work last night and decided to get caught up on laundry.  I brought all the clothes into the living room to fold and began my work.  Shortly after I started, Big E came in and said she and little E had bonked heads.  I didn't think much of it until she said he was bleeding pretty badly.  I figured being the head that it would bleed a good amount but that it probably was nothing more than a little owie.  The kids brought him to me and I saw that indeed, he was bleed quite a bit.  At first, I thought he had just cut just below his lip.  I began cleaning him up when I noticed a big hole under his chin.  I knew immediately that he needed stitches.  I was so grateful my girls are now old enough to watch the other kids so I grabbed little E and made I come along (he doesn't get along with anyone and can get quite mean) and headed to Urgent Care.  Sure enough, he not only needed stitches but needed some inside the cut as well.

Isn't that nasty?!

I was a little confused by how he got such a cut from hitting his chin on her head but the Dr said he must have hit it just right that the skin was pulled two different ways and just pulled apart.
It was actually kind of funny because the way the fat was pulled apart it ended up looking like teeth and every time he talked, it looked like he had two mouths talking.

Little E was so brave!  He didn't cry even though I could tell he wanted to.  He just kept saying he was being brave and he sure was!  Even as they poked the needle right into the cut he just squeezed my hand and told me how he was thinking about playing a game he enjoys on the computer.  Not sure where he learned that trick but he is such an amazing little boy!

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