Wednesday, July 6, 2016


It has been so long since I blogged!  I am talking years.  I decided it was time to get back at it.  So much has changed since the last time I blogged and I don't mean just with the kids growing up like crazy (seriously, I keep telling them to slow down but they won't listen!).

For starters, Hubby left the military and is now a correctional officer with a state prison.  When he got out of the army, we moved across country to be near family and the job.  Unfortunately, it doesn't pay real well so we made the decision for me to return to work.  The kids are older now and as much as I would LOVE to continue to be a stay at home mom, we knew we couldn't afford it.  We aren't looking for anything fancy, but need to be able to pay for bills and food.  So, I am also a correctional officer at the same prison. I actually enjoy my job, but miss my kids dearly when I am gone.

At the moment, we are still homeschooling the kids.  They are pretty independent learners so they only need me when I am teaching them a new concept.  These kids love to learn so they will study as long as they possibly can.  This year, we were able to buy a microscope and some DNA experiment kids and the kids went nuts!  Little C is now old enough to do school as well and became obsessed with the microscope!  Her reactions to the things she would see were so cute.

Having the twins, I fully expected to have them on the same grade level and just double up on everything.  Nope.  I should have known better.  Little E is actually about 2-3 full grade levels above little C.  Little C is right where she should be for K going into 1st but little E is extremely advanced.  He is starting to read chapter books and is doing multiplication like it is going out of style.  I can't even right down problems before he has answered them.  The kids is nuts.  He takes after big C.

This is just the beginning of course but I don't want this to be too long so I will continue to update over the next few posts.  Hopefully you will all be patient with me.

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